Recreate a Look with Albarado's

The Inspiration.

Inspiration Photo for blog
Ask anyone who has remodeled or redecorated and they will agree with Thomas Edison that genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. But, that 1% is needed to keep a successful design from ending up way off base and way off budget.

Successful designers and homeowners often times turn to shelter magazines for this inspiration and then ask important questions about these pictures. What about it specifically do you like? Is it the feel? The colors? The style? The placement of objects?

So, in looking at my inspiration photo, I realized that I liked the clean, cool colors and patterns and how these are juxtaposed against the warm, dense woods and solids. Playing these elements against each other creates interest and in turn, keeps the room from being overwhelming or sterile. Additionally, I  liked the opposing scale of the arched window, the cathedral beams, and the arm chairs against the height of the roller shades, the back of the sofa, and the cocktail table. These elements keep the eye moving around the room in a 'W' motion.

The 1% is complete. It's time for the 99%.

Overview Inspiration blog

Going into the Resource Room at Albarado's, I pulled together fabrics and paint colors that would complete the inspiration (neutral but warm walls combined with a variety of patterns both grand and tight) and then turned my attention to the furniture.

Sofa Inspiration blog

This sofa from Sherrill has the right lines. It features English arms and a skirt for that traditional look. By adding a 100% polyester linen-look body fabric and graphic toss pillows, the sofa becomes less formal and more modern and relaxed.

arm chair inspiration blog

I carried over this combination to the high back arm chairs from Designmaster as well. To soften the heavy, wooden features, I added the soft organic flow of paisley in shades of ivory, taupe, and charcoal but maintained the dark, warm stain.

cocktail table

Clean modern lines of this cocktail table from CTH keeps the room from becoming too formal and stuffy. A round shape plays well against the straight lines of the sofa, arm chairs, and drapery panels.  It also creates a conversational area in which the main upholstery can encircle. The glass top allows the room to breath. The metal base of the branch end tables from Theodore Alexander brings whimsy and echoes the organic pattern of both the draperies and the armchair fabric.

drapery fabric and lamp inspiration blog

And, now for the finishing touches. I love this crewel floral patten for the draperies. It is a crisp linen which mimics the sofa fabric but is more refined. Butterfly pleats on rings on a tailored straight panel are a nice compliment to the warm, rugged woven grass Roman shades from the Manh Truc collection from Lafayette Venetian Blinds.
The urn style lamp with hard paperback shade from Visual Comfort completes our inspiration room. It provides angular architecture which balances the whimsy of the end tables.

Modern but classic. Warm and not sterile. Opposing patterns and scale. Our perspiration is done and I'd say this makeover is 100% beautiful.