7 Best Window Coverings for Your Bedroom

August 11, 2023

Every bedroom has at least one window that encompasses a sizable section of the wall. The area that allows natural lighting can also serve as a good focal point. Whether you have your own room or share the space with a significant other, the right window covering can really add depth and ambiance to a bedroom. Consider these window treatment ideas as part of your bedroom renovation.

1. Curtains

Curtains are perhaps the most common window covering due to their wide availability and low cost. These are easy to install and usually contain rings that you can suspend on a vertical rod. The lightweight material also makes them easier to adjust and clean.

Choose from an assortment of colors and design patterns. Some enable partial light penetration, while others fully block out sun and UV rays. This is a great selection for single, children’s, and guest bedrooms.

2. Draperies

Draperies are similar to curtains but are typically made from heavier fabric. Whereas curtains are usually just slightly longer than the height of the window, draperies often extend to the floor. The heavier and larger material makes draperies a good choice for master bedrooms, giving the room an aura of being a king and queen’s chamber. The thicker fabric also makes drapes great for sun-facing windows to fully block out unwanted light.

3. Roller Shades

Roller shades are cut to the size of the window and can be pulled up or down via a lever. The simplistic design makes them great for a minimalist look or if you value practicality over aesthetics. It’s also a good choice if there’s another part of the bedroom that you want as the focal point.

Contrary to belief, roller shades aren’t limited to home offices. They’re a mainstay selection for non-master bedrooms. If you wish to add flair and style, go for a bold color like maroon or turquoise.

4. Cellular Shades

Cellular shades also go by the name honeycomb shades because they have a honeycomb-like design when viewed from an angle. From a visual standpoint, the honeycomb adds depth that draws the eyes. This creates an illusory effect that makes larger bedrooms appear cozier. Apart from the visual and light-blocking effects, cellular shades also act as insulation.

5. Blinds

Blinds are associated with offices, hence why they’re seldom considered for bedrooms. However, homeowners really should contemplate blinds as a bedroom window covering. The slats are easily adjustable with a simple twist of a rod.

They’re made from hard non-fabric material, such as vinyl, aluminum, or wood. This makes them easy to wipe clean without having to remove anything. Blinds are great for bedrooms that double as a home office.

6. Valances

Valances are a short curtain-like material fitted over the upper window portion. They usually can’t be adjusted and may be installed in tandem with curtains or draperies. Valances do little to block out light and serve a more aesthetic purpose.

Valences work well for homes in climates that get little sunlight. You can also install them to add cosmetic value to existing coverings, such as neutral-colored curtains.

7. Shutters

Shutters are made from hard material and can be thought of as doors for the window. While perhaps not the most compatible option for contemporary homes, they can be stylish for cottage, cabin, and Victorian-inspired homes.

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