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From choosing paint colors to selecting furniture pieces and accessories, we are here to help create your dream home! Take advantage of our complimentary interior design services and speak to one of our in-store design experts to bring your vision to life. Request a design consultation today!

How to Prepare for Your Design Consultation

Wish List

Write down a list to help your interior designer understand your needs and wants, including non-negotiables, such as the space required for seating and the type of ambience you want the space to have.

Inspiration Photos

Gathering magazine photos and Pinterest boards of your preferred design style is a great way to show the designer examples of how you’d love the space to look, feel, and function.

Pictures of the Space

Having a good selection of photos of your space, including wide and close-up shots with existing furnishings, will help your designer coordinate colors, fabrics, and finishes. Don’t forget to include key dynamics, such as fireplaces, to provide a more accurate overview.

Basic Measurements

A sketch of the room layout from above, including measurements and entrances, will help the designer get a bird’s eye view of the space, with a clear understanding of any space limitations.

Communication is Key

Always communicate your ideas so your interior designer can guide you through the process of creating a space that you love and reflects who you are. The more you communicate and give feedback, the easier it is for the designer to create your ideal space.

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