The Many Benefits of Indoor Plants

Hickory White

May 20, 2022

Indoor plants, or houseplants, do more than just add beauty and vibrant life to a home. They help people live healthier and happier lives by boosting their well-being. And because they reduce dust by up to 20%, indoor plants are known to be efficient air cleaners. Plus, they are easy to maintain and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Indoor plants are perfect for not just the home but an office space too.

Benefits of Indoor Plants

  • Improve air quality. Toxic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene that are found in common household materials can damage your health. Indoor plants absorb harmful substances to help prevent you from getting sick.
  • Lowers stress and anxiety. Bringing nature into the home can make people feel calmer, content, and more focused. This helps to lower blood pressure.
  • Provides a sense of accomplishment. Caring for indoor plants gives people a new life form to care about, especially the elderly. It can boost a person’s mood by making them feel more useful thus improving their quality of life.
  • Improves work productivity. Indoor plants add life to sterile office spaces, can offer privacy, and even reduce noise levels. This helps to increase productivity and creativity in the workplace.
  • Enhance therapeutic care. Growing and caring for a plant can play an important role in a person’s recovery process through horticulture therapy. By setting goals, a person can eventually overcome psychological problems (PTSD), physical issues (lost skills), or vocational struggles (problem-solving) identified by a treatment team.
  • Minimizes headaches and fatigue. Investing in plants that act as a natural humidifier will help to combat fatigue and headaches, and improve respiratory and skin issues.

While indoor plants are proven to be good for our health, they can also beautify a home aesthetically. They make the perfect addition to any home or office space because they are visually appealing and colorful. Most indoor plants are inexpensive to purchase, and they purify the air.

But with the countless varieties of plants available, finding the right aesthetically indoor plant for your home or office space can be a challenge. The key is to look at the plant’s form, size, texture, and color. Considering these characteristics will help you to know when you have found the perfect indoor plant.

Indoor Plant Characteristics

  • Form is the overall shape of the plant. This is dependent on where you decide to place the plant and view it. For example, tall plants would be best placed in a tall, narrow space and wide plants in an open space so the foliage can spread out.
  • Size is the overall width and height of the plant which falls within three categories small, medium, and large. Small is considered 2’ or shorter, medium is 2’– 4’, and large is 4’– 6’. The size of a plant affects the spaciousness of an area.
  • Texture is determined by the overall look and feel of the plant’s leaves which provides contrast and visual appeal, which is generally described as fine, medium, or coarse.
  • Color is the main characteristic of any plant and the primary deciding factor when buying them.

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Are Indoor Plants Safe for Kids and Pets?

As you can see, bringing the green inside your home or into an office space can promote overall wellness. But what if you have children or pets? Are indoor plants safe for them to be around in the home?

While many common houseplants are safe for children and pets, some can be poisonous. So, before bringing a new plant into a home where children or pets reside, always check a reliable source to be sure it is safe. Your state extension service and poison control office may publish a list of toxic plants to be aware of as well as the ASPCA.

When people need a break from the chaos of their everyday life, many will turn to Mother Earth to relax and recenter themselves. Immersing in nature such as hiking and gardening can be extremely beneficial to your health. The same is the case for people who have exposure to indoor plants.

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