Making Your Bedroom Uniquely Yours: Choosing Furniture and Accessories That Fits

September 15, 2023

Your bedroom is your cozy personal space, even if you share the room with someone else. As your private abode, your bedroom is yours to customize as you see fit.

It’s not just about decorating the space for a heightened cosmetic flair. It’s about creating a private quarter that’s befitting of your personality. Just as our clothes and hairstyles allow us to express our personal styles, our bedroom décor allows us to showcase what makes us unique.

Whether you lean toward modern minimalism, cozy traditional, or boho chic, we’ll share tips for choosing furniture, lighting, and accessories that fit your desired aesthetic.


Lighting dictates the mood of the environment. Go with dimmer lighting for a warmer effect. This is ideal if you share your bedroom with a significant other and use the space for intimate moments.

By contrast, brighter and white lighting works well for those who double the bedroom as a home office. Apart from lighting effects, you can also choose from an assortment of recessed pendants, sconces, and strips.

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Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are terrific additions because they provide additional storage without intruding on existing space. With the added space, display items of immense sentimental value, such as photo frames and souvenirs from countries or places you stepped foot on. The shelves themselves also provide a cosmetic value if you opt for natural or natural-looking materials like wood or marble.

Ornamental Rugs

Several factors make ornamental rugs a great addition. For starters, there are nearly endless designs to select from. They’re affordable, easily movable, and give you a warm, fuzzy surface for your two feet.

Rugs also tend to be colorful with a lot of intertwined patterns and hues, making them quite eye-catching. In essence, a rug provides a warm, cozy spot within your private room.

Ottoman Chairs

Ottomans are terrific for bedrooms; the lack of arms and backrests makes them portable and ergonomic-friendly for smaller bedrooms. The diverse styles give you plenty of selections. An ottoman with a leather surface, for example, exudes an exquisite and high-class vibe.

On the other hand, a vinyl surface void of designs is great for a minimalist backdrop. Ottomans are also multi-functional; use them for sitting, resting your feet, or for exercise (i.e., elevated pushups).


Most bedrooms have a mirror; many wardrobes also have a mirror built into the door interior or exterior. Mirrors can be used quite strategically. Positioning a mirror opposite the window, for example, amplifies natural lighting effects.

Larger mirrors equal to your height give the illusion of the space being larger than it is. Similarly, a mirror against a dark wall helps the portion of the room blend with the rest of the backdrop.

Bedroom Furniture Set

For the master and larger bedrooms, you can consider an intimate furniture set consisting of two matching chairs and a small table. This can be situated in the bedroom corner and provides a cozy spot for a two-person gathering.

It serves as a private space for tea or snack time between you and your significant other. The chairs and table combo can consist of a number of materials. A refurnished vintage set works well for this setting.


If you share a room with a spouse, you can each select a nightstand of your own preference. Though space is limited on the nightstand surface, select one sentimental item to display and make it the focal point.

This may be a photo frame or a decorative item given by someone special. As for the nightstand itself, choose from wide-ranging styles, such as multi-tiered stands, cube/blocked stands, and miniature bedside cabinets.

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