Furniture Trends of 2021

Bedroom furniture set

May 25, 2021

Summertime may be the perfect time to start dreaming about your home remodel. While the kids are busy with camps, laying poolside or starting epic-long sleepovers, this could be the season to jumpstart mini small projects or even tackle a bigger goal. 

We can’t help but acknowledge that in 2021 we are beginning a new decade. As you know, that typically means many things that were in style are coming to a close and new things that would look weird to many, will be commonplace in the next five years. Albarado’s Fine Furnishing is your one stop furniture shop in Lafayette to help you make your remodel stylish for decades to come. However, before you start making plans of exactly what you want to update, let’s take a closer look at trends that are finally ending, but which ones are just beginning. 

Out with the Old, In with the New

As pretty and minimalist that the all-white walls and furniture can give, interior designers say that is going out the door. If you’re still partial to the all white look, don’t sweat it. Adding a pop of color can go along way with keeping your space updated and modern.
– Cute sliding barn doors will soon be replaced by French doors, most likely. Barn doors were originally made popular thanks to home re-designing shows, but there is a growing preference to return to basics with a classic door.
– Gray and white cabinets are out, and green cabinets are in? Yes, it’s true! Almost as popular as white, gray cabinets have soared in popularity, but alas, no trend is here to stay. Instead, designers forecast cabinets will take a turn to more bold and bright colors, including homeowners choosing the color green.
– Speaking of bold, accent walls are not hailed as the creative interior design they used to be. Instead, you may see a return to more neutral walls and bold colors will be displayed via furniture or decor.

Trends to Look For

– It’s not just for your grandmother’s house anymore. Wallpaper is coming back, more specifically, peel ons. Similar to an accent wall, many are choosing to put up wallpaper on just one wall or just one section of the home. Guess they were right that every look gets recycled!
– Be on the lookout for a rise in wicker and rattan furniture purchases. There has been an overarching trend of returning to natural materials, and these two types perfectly embody that look.
– Antique furniture is also a growing trend. For many though, the trend never went away, so if you have a home with beautiful antiques, you are in luck!

Trendy Colors

We can’t talk trends without of course talking about what emerging colors are on the scene. Dark blue or indigo blue is popping up everywhere, especially in kitchens and furniture. For the 2021 Pantone color of the year, things were changed up a bit, and for the first time two colors were announced. Ultimate Gray and Illuminating (a bold yellow) were declared as both colors of the year. We are already seeing these colors in interior design, and predict they will continue to grow in popularity.  

Furniture Design Consultations

Pro-tip: If you need some assistance on the way, Albarado’s Fine Furnishing is always happy to be your leading local experts in furnishing and furniture. This can be a daunting process and knowing exactly which furniture to choose to make your spaces cohesive is intimidating. Do not hesitate to contact Albarado’s and we will be happy to guide you along these design stages. With our interior design expertise, we will be sure to help create a space that you will love.