How to Incorporate Artwork Into Every Room of Your Home

October 13, 2023

Does your home feel incomplete, lacking personality and flair? Do you find yourself walking through the rooms, wondering how to make the space feel more lively and inviting? One way to achieve this is by incorporating artwork. Artwork can turn any dull room into a vibrant, inviting space.

In this post, we explore creative ways to incorporate art into every room of your home. From statement pieces that anchor a room to clusters of artwork that add visual interest, you’ll learn tips to artfully decorate your rooms.

So, if you want to replace the paintings hanging on your walls for decades or retire those trinkets you picked up at a yard sale years ago, read on! We have some wonderful tips that will help you create a living space you will be proud to call your own!

Tips for Selecting Room-Specific Artwork

Living Room

Selecting the right artwork for your home decor is key when it comes to styling your living room. When choosing artwork for this main gathering space, opt for eye-catching pieces that will serve as focal points.

A large-scale painting or a striking sculpture makes an ideal statement piece, drawing attention and adding energy as a social space. Opt for colors that harmonize with your living room’s decor, whether complementing it or providing an elegant contrast. Going for art styles related to the room’s overall aesthetic is usually best.

For example, a modern living room might benefit from contemporary art, while a more traditional space might be better suited for classic or vintage pieces.

Whatever your style, carefully chosen artwork for your home has the visual power to infuse personality and life into your living room. Pick pieces you love that get you excited to show off this highly visible space.


When decorating a bedroom, choose art pieces for your home décor that resonate on a personal level. Opting for artwork that connects with you on a deeper level transforms your bedroom into a personal sanctuary. Ideally, you want works that create a serene atmosphere.

Think about pieces that hold special meaning or feature calming imagery like serene landscapes or abstract art – perfect home decor for this intimate space. Subdued, neutral color palettes also work well in the bedroom. Avoid jarring colors or busy compositions that feel too stimulating.

Strategically place the artwork where you will likely see it frequently, like above your bed or on the first wall you see as you enter the room.

Dining Room

Artwork is an excellent decorative element for dining rooms. Visually interesting pieces not only augment the aesthetic but also spark mealtime conversation.

For the dining room, look for artworks that intrigue and delight, like abstract art or unique sculptures. They are always good choices. Again, it’s a good idea to align the colors in the artwork with your dining room’s color scheme to create a cohesive, welcoming space.

Carefully consider the placement of each piece. It is usually best to mount dining room artwork at eye level to allow your guests to comfortably view and appreciate the decorative pieces during meals. Artworks that draw the eye and imagination will make mealtimes more memorable.

Arranging and Displaying Artwork

Arranging and displaying artwork within your living space is an art form in itself.

Create an In-Home Art Gallery with a Gallery Wall

Consider creating a gallery wall to showcase some prized pieces if you have a fairly large room. You could either go for uniformity or eclecticism, depending on your preferences.

Making a Statement with Strategic Positioning

On the other hand, you could opt for a single statement piece. This could be a bold focal statement when strategically positioned on a prominent wall. You could also mount multi-panel artworks like diptychs and triptychs, hanging the individual pieces evenly for balance.

Get Creative with Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are great for displaying smaller artworks or sculptures. Experiment with varying heights and spacing for an engaging visual effect. Picture ledges offer versatility, allowing you to easily swap or rearrange pieces for a fresh display whenever inspiration strikes.

Showcase Your Artwork with Easels

Easels offer museum-like presentations for your artwork. Mobile and adaptable, they can be placed on floors or tabletops. Take the time to choose frames that complement the artwork and your room’s decor. Add matting to protect your art and give it a polished touch if necessary.

Illuminate Your Art with Good Lighting

Don’t overlook the power of good lighting. Proper illumination enhances appreciation and adds considerable visual appeal. Track lighting, spotlights, or wall-mounted fixtures will illuminate your artwork while minimizing glare.

Optimize Viewing with Eye-Level Placement

Remember that eye-level placement allows for more comfortable viewing. You might want to experiment with different arrangements to find the perfect one for your living space.

Balance Your Display

Finally, strive for balance, whether symmetrically or asymmetrically. Ensuring adequate spacing around your different decorative elements is generally best to avoid overcrowding.

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Whether you enlist the assistance of interior design services or tackle the project yourself, the arrangement should reflect your style and create the desired ambiance in your space. Take the time to choose the right home décor elements and plan your design. Experiment with different layouts and displays to find what works best for your home’s unique architecture and your personal taste.

If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our complimentary interior design services. We’ll help you bring your vision to life in an artfully arranged home you can proudly show off. Contact us today to transform your home with our interior design services.

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