Leather Furniture Care: Do’s and Don’ts

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January 21, 2022

Leather furniture is an investment that remains a top choice as the furniture material preferred. Nothing looks as classy, or as classic, as a leather home furniture piece.

It is a rich look and feel that can last throughout changes made to the decor. So, if you protect your leather furniture with proper maintenance and cleaning, it will help to keep it intact longer and ensure its longevity.

Contacting a local furniture store in Lafayette, LA, such as Albarado’s Fine Furnishings, can help you to gain knowledge on what to expect when shopping for leather furniture.

Leather Furniture Care Do’s

Spot test

It is crucial to test a discreet area on any leather home furniture piece when cleaning it. This is a good way to make sure the leather does not absorb the water or leather cleaning product.

Dust clean

Use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust from the leather furniture piece at least every couple of weeks and then wipe it down with a soft white cloth.

Clean regularly

Always clean leather furniture as part of your chore schedule to remove body oils from kids and pets that may linger.

Condition the leather

Every nine to twelve months it is important to condition your leather furniture to prevent drying out and cracking over time.

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Leather Furniture Care Don’ts

Spills cleanup

If someone spills something on any leather furniture piece, it is important to act quickly so that a stain does not set in. If it does, a professional leather furniture cleaning service would then be required.

Wipe the stain

A good rule of thumb is to never wipe a stain from a leather furniture piece because it can spread the stain further. Instead, it is better to blot the stain with a clean dry porous cloth until it is removed.

Sharp objects

Avoid using sharp objects near leather furniture pieces that could puncture or scratch it because it could cause serious damage.

Heat exposure

Do not place a leather furniture piece in direct sunlight, near a fireplace, or under an air conditioner vent because this can cause the piece to dry and crack.

Cleaning products

Do not use any products that contain harsh chemicals, silicones, oils, waxes, and soaps on leather furniture because they can cause major damage to it. You should always use cleaning products specifically designated for cleaning leather furniture.

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Leather furniture is known for its durability, which can last four times longer than home furniture made of fabric material. It is tough but flexible and will remain strong even around the seams. It also provides an element of luxury to any room’s décor and does not require the kind of maintenance and care that is usually associated with other refined pieces. However, frequent care is required to keep leather furniture perked up and fresh-looking.

Leather furniture is a beautiful addition to any home. However, it does require proper care to keep its charm. Performing touch-ups as needed and maintaining top-notch leather furniture care does pay off in the long run. Plus, it does not have to be an all-day commitment.

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If you are considering purchasing leather furniture for the home and would like to know the best way to care for it, contact us at Albarado’s Fine Furnishings today. We offer a variety of brands, styles, and shades to select from. Should you have any doubts about finding leather furniture that matches your entire space, take advantage of our design consultation service and our interior design experts will happily assist you with no additional cost.

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