Three Steps to Care for Your New Wood Furniture

Omni Rectangular Dining Table

June 28, 2021

Is there anything as exciting as the day your furniture is delivered? After probably searching for weeks or months, you have settled on that perfect piece that will truly complete your living spaces. Though, before you know it, soon these pieces will start to feel normal and no matter how many rules you have such as “No animals will sit here.” or “No one is allowed to eat on this!”, life happens. Just as important as it is to pick the perfect furniture items, it is just as important to care for them. As one of the most experienced local furniture shops in Lafayette, Louisiana, Albarado’s knows how crucial it is to understand how to care properly for your furniture. One of the most important items to care for is wood furniture. For best practices on how to make sure your furniture is properly cared for, read below for our top three suggestions.

How to Care for Your Wood Furniture

Dust and Wipe Weekly

The good news is wood furniture is relatively easy to take care of. We suggest taking a warm cloth to do a quick wipe down every week or so. Follow up with a towel to wipe any remaining moisture off. Most furnishes of furniture today are considered to be “low sheen”. This means you should stay away from using any sort of furniture polish routinely, as you could unintentionally damage your wood.

Don’t Forget the Coasters

One of the worst things to deal with in regards to your new furniture is the dreaded white ring, left behind from cups or mugs. If you do happen to create one, fixing this stain can be relatively easy. Try to find a polish or marker with similar color to your wood, and rub that in over your stain. It should be barely noticeable after.

Shield Your Furniture Away from the Elements

As tempting as it is to cozy up in a sunny window or next to the fire in your fireplace, avoid the temptation. Fire and the sun can do a lot of damage to real wood–you can find your furniture cracked and faded if exposed too long. On a similar note, living in Louisiana and its humidity is not a good combination. If your AC is capable, try to balance out the humidity inside of your home to prevent lasting harm.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

Smells – In the event that a foul odor is attached to your wood furniture, there are a couple of “hacks” you can do to eliminate the smell. Start with the old fashioned oil and vinegar. Mix equal parts of both, and gently clean your furniture with your mixture. If that doesn’t work, you may want to consider a commercial cleaner. If you are attempting to eliminate smoke specifically, lemon cleaner is the trick up your sleeve.

Keep your feet to yourself – Resist the urge to use furniture as your personal footrest, unless of course, you are in a recliner or using an ottoman. Using the wrong piece as a foot prop can scuff or scratch your furniture.

We’ll Teach You How to Care For Your Items

Skip the big box stores who don’t have time to sit with you and discuss not only your options, but how you can protect your furniture. At Albarado’s, we take our mission seriously to help you find the perfect pieces for your home, while educating you along the way. We are proud to be your local furniture expert, serving Lafayette and the Acadiana community the last 37 years. Chat with us or drop by for a consultation, and we’ll start the search for your new wood furniture.