Ultimate Guide to Furnishing Your Home

Leather Couch in Living Room

March 22, 2021

Furniture is the glue that ties a room together. The right furniture in a room can tie in elements from the paint, wall decor, and more. It provides you with information on how the space should be utilized and strongly dictates the mood and environment the room portrays. An office with a couch promotes friendly conversation and casual business meetings, while a conference table promotes getting down to business. If this is true in an office setting, it indeed holds true in your home. 

 If you are redesigning your home, fully furnishing a new home, or even upgrading your newly married starter furniture, it is important to take your time and find the perfect pieces for your space. At Albarados, a family-owned furniture store in Lafayette, we provide a custom furnishing experience just for you! Before you stop by, keep reading to hear our thoughts on four simple considerations that should be a part of your thought process of re-furnishing your home: Intended usage, Style, Decor & Budget.

Consider the use of the space

As mentioned above, furniture in a room dictates how a room should be utilized. Take a look at the room you are furnishing and consider what activities will take place in that space – what are your intentions – what environment do you desire to create. Consider the flow of traffic through the room and how much space the furniture should take up. For example, if your goal for the space is to hold gatherings and entertain guests, lots of seating will be a must for your furniture. 

Style/color choice

We recommend making furniture choices the initial consideration when redesigning a room rather than an afterthought. While you can choose any color paint to match the furniture you choose, selecting furniture to check your walls will likely limit your options when shopping at your local furniture store. So, unless you plan on getting an entirely custom piece designed to meet your exact desires, start with your furniture selection before choosing your paint and wall decor. You should also consider textures and materials as different materials have different life spans and meet different needs. For example, if you are a beloved pet owner, certain fabrics work best with pet hair. If you have small children, certain textures and materials for furniture will keep it safe from spills, sticky fingers, and markers until your children are older. 


Treat your furniture like the art that it is! When an artist paints, they create a single focal point on the canvas, and everything else draws in on that focal point. Select a piece of furniture that best suits the room’s intended purpose and make it your central point. All other furniture, wall decor, and room elements should complement your central piece of furniture. For a bedroom that is likely your bed, it may be an entertainment center for a living room. 


While budgeting is not the fun part of any home decor project, it is very important that you consider the full scope of the project and select furniture that will compliment your taste and home and your budget. If you are on a smaller budget, start with the essential furniture pieces absolutely necessary for the space and add over time. You can also make brand comparisons to learn where you will get the biggest bang for your dollar. 

 If you are unsure where to start when it comes to furnishing your home, look at our brand’s filter for some inspiration. Simply select the room and piece of furniture you are looking for and explore! If you would like hands-on assistance, our experienced team would be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you on your fine furnishing journey. Contact Albarados and style your lifestyle today!