Why Buying American Made Furniture Matters

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July 6, 2021

It is beyond exciting when it is finally time to remodel or choose furniture pieces for the first time. Picking out furniture, especially in 2021, can be incredibly entertaining but at the same time, completely overwhelming. Now more than ever, there are online furniture stores to browse, and you can easily spend hours or days trying to find out your selection. One thing that some consumers don’t realize is so many of these pieces, while less expensive, come with some downfalls, such as being made in other countries. Buying at your local furniture store can have so many benefits that may be overlooked. Read on to learn why you should keep your furniture purchasing nation-wide.

Long Lasting Furniture

Everyone knows the IKEA jokes, right? While it is inexpensive to purchase, don’t expect the furniture to last for years. When purchasing American-made, the opposite is true. It’s so easy to find inexpensive pieces online, but it can be harder to find furniture that will really last. Buying American at your local furniture store can help mitigate this issue.

You’re Supporting Local Economies

After the last few years, most consumers have experienced first hand how important it is to support local business both on a city-level and nation-level. When you spend your money inside your country of origin, that money stays here, which helps economies to grow more, while going back to hard-working families.

Safety Standards

The United States is known for having more procedures and standards in place, when it comes to building and creating consumer goods. As you can imagine, many other countries do not have these types of procedures in place and things can be incorrectly put together. Or worse, they can fall apart and hurt you in the process. You don’t have to worry about any of these issues when you decide to buy domestically.


Is there anything worse than ordering a piece of furniture online, and then when it is delivered to you, it doesn’t look anything like the pictures? Too many homeowners find themselves in this situation and more times than not, you will not be eligible for a return. Some try to skip this hassle by electing to customize their own pieces. Not only do you know exactly what you’re getting, you can make sure it will match your other furniture perfectly.

Get Your Furniture Quicker

You may have been in the position where you are ordering something online, and you realize it is going to take two months to get in.  After further inspection, you realize that is because your order is coming from across the world! The same can happen when you order furniture. In general you may find furniture taking longer to receive due to supply chains in 2021, but typically if you order from out of the country, you can plan on waiting an incredibly long time. Support your local businesses to get your furniture even faster. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Buy American at Albarado’s

We are passionate and proud to serve the Acadiana area for over thirty years, and we remain Lafayette’s expert on all things furniture. When you are ready to start your furniture search, make sure to plan to stop by our showroom. Our team’s passion is interior design and we want to help find the perfect pieces during this process. All our goods are American made so you know that you are supporting local economies, while purchasing superior products that are built to last. If you’re not sure which direction to go, we have interior designs on hand to make sure your look will be cohesive and classic enough to last a lifetime.