The Best Lighting for a Home Office

January 12, 2024

Remote work quickly became the new norm in the height of COVID-19. Even with restrictions long lifted, many homeowners still opt to work from home at least part of the time. This makes the home office the new daily workplace.

As a permanent work environment, you’ll need proper home office lighting that’s easy on the eyes. Learn the different lighting types and best lighting considerations for optimal visibility and setting the right ambiance.

White or Yellow Light?

Most public office spaces use overhead white lighting, while yellow light is more considered a residential fixture. White light is said to have a more energizing effect, making it suitable for productivity and enhancing concentration.

This is why white lighting is also given the moniker “task lighting.” This light color also decreases shadows, thereby producing less eye strain.

Yellow lighting, on the other hand, evokes relaxation, which can be useful if you plan to spend your breaks in the office or also plan to use the space for non-work purposes.

Lighting in Layers

Not everyone is familiar with lighting in layers, though most homeowners incorporate this into their homes without realizing it. The term simply means having more than one source of lighting for a room. This typically entails a main and secondary light source.

The main light is usually an overhead or large lamp, while the secondary is a smaller table lamp. For a home office, employ white light as your main source, while having a tabletop yellow-light lamp as a secondary.

Lighting Fixture Types for a Home Office

The following are good lighting choices. We classify each choice as a main or secondary light option.

Ceiling Track Lights

This is a terrific main lighting option for home offices. The fixture has multiple lamps, each with its own adjustable track head that you can move independently to achieve the desired brightness or luminosity.

Pharmacy Floor Lamp

A pharmacy floor lamp consists of an elongated vertical pole with an adjustable lamp head. This is a solid main lighting option that can sit in the corner of the office or adjacent to the desk without consuming too much space.

They’re great if aiming for a minimalist appearance. Some models come in a stainless steel or brass nickel finish and are great for luxury offices.

Smart Desk Lamp

Desk lamps are usually secondary light sources, though some models provide enough brightness to serve as the main source. Smart lamps cast a wide beam that illuminates the whole desk area and surrounding perimeter. There’s also a sensor that auto-adjusts the brightness depending on the existing light level in the room.

LED Light Strips

This is a fun secondary light source that you can affix to the desk or shelving perimeter. The strips produce a soft glow. They may be too dim for regular use, but it’s a nice option to have if you need to work for several minutes late at night and want to set the right mood before bed.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are in vogue at the moment and double as a nice décor with a Zen vibe. Some models are made from actual Himalayan salt.

As a natural ionizer, it can alter the air’s electrical charge and boost air quality. This may be beneficial if you work out of your home office for long hours and are prone to allergies.

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