Coffee Table Decorating – Home Furniture Ideas

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September 20, 2021

When you walk into any living space, the furniture situation is usually the first thing that will catch your eye. Understandably, homeowners spend a lot of time here, perfecting the exact configuration to display their coffee table. Coffee tables are very important to the overall design of your living room, and are great both as a functional furniture item and bringing all your pieces together. At Albarado’s Fine Furnishing, we are the experts in all things home furniture, located in Lafayette, LA. Read on for our best practices and tips on decorating your coffee table to its full potential.

Tips for Decorating Coffe Tables

Balance It All Out

One of the pitfalls of displaying a coffee table is the likelihood of it becoming a space to dump various items, creating a cluttered mess. One way to avoid this is by having the table already decorated with various items. Keep in mind to balance it all out, so one side isn’t heavier with items than the other. Here, symmetry is a great thing to consider.

Add Some Natural Elements

If you want to really make your space stand out, consider a tree trunk type of coffee table. Examples of this type of table can be found here. These tables have neutral colors that can be great for pairing with more bright pieces. Leave the tables empty except for one or two items to really make a statement. If using a tree trunk is a little too out there for you, try placing a plant instead on a traditional coffee table.

Contrast Your Colors

One fun way to incorporate your coffee table with your furniture is to include a few pop-out colors on both. For example, if you have some bright and bold colors on your pillows, use those same colors as decor pieces on your coffee table.

Add a Tray

Another way to add fun to your coffee table is including a tray on your coffee table. This is a spot where you can include a candle, book or coaster. It’s also a cool way to showcase more items without cluttering your space.

Opt for the Ottoman

Depending on your living situation, a place to put dishware or magazines may be the least of your priorities. You may prefer to have an instant footrest or place to store your blankets. If so, take a look at an ottoman! These pieces of furniture are multidimensional and can be a flexible element. It can instantly become an extra seat, a place to prop up your feet, storage for blankets or toys, even a quick place to change a baby. All this while still acting as a traditional coffee table.

Showcase in Glass

If you have a lot of items you would like to put on display, purchase a glass coffee table. This will allow you to add items on the bottom shelf, but instead of hiding them, you will be able to see your array of items through the glass.

Show Your Artistic Style

Maybe your space doesn’t need a coffee table, but it just feels empty without something tying your room and decor all together. Consider an artistic sculpture! Not only is it a great conversation starter, but you’ll be able to put your artistic style on full display to make your space more unique.

Endless Coffee Table Options at Albarado’s Fine Furnishing

Albarado’s Fine Furnishing is one of the most experienced home furniture stores in Lafayette, LA and we take pride in our multiple decades of experience. No matter your style or budget, we can help you find the perfect coffee table or living room furniture to decorate your most used living spaces. Our passion is making your home your favorite spot in the world, and we would love joining you in this project. Stop by to chat with our team and to browse our dynamic showroom.