Creating a Professional Office Design

If you’ve had to do a hybrid working schedule (changing from working at the office to working at home), you may find yourself making a full-time return to your office space or cubicle. Returning to your cubicle and small office space is exciting, but could leave you wanting a little something extra or different. Now is the perfect time to finally design your office space for productivity, and change your look for some different scenery. Or maybe you find yourself working from home for the near future. It might be time to change up your work-at-home atmosphere as well.  Furniture and decor are going to be two items to look at, and there is no better place to look than your local furniture store, Albarado’s Fine Furnishing.

Emphasize Your Space for Working, Instead of Being at Home

It can truly be a challenging time to work at home. Many workers feel like you never leave the office and there is always work waiting for you, no matter the hour of the day. Creating a specialized space for work will be important, especially so you can leave that space at the end of the work day and be in other parts of your home without feeling you need to turn on the laptop. For example, most employees at home recommend using an office, and then when you’re off the clock, close that office door and don’t worry about opening it again until the next work day.

If you have been using a hand-me down desk and chair that you didn’t intend to use for 8 hours or more each day, consider this the time to invest! Find a desk that will fit all your needs, as well as a comfortable chair. Modern desks are trending right now. These desks have a sleek look, taking up as little space as possible in order to maximize your room potential.

Design Open Spaces

If you are interested in creating a more collaborative and not enclosed working space at the office, consider taking down the cubicle walls, allowing for more open design. Employees report that this type of workspaces can inspire more creativity, brainstorming and help with productivity.

If you already have an office that sets you apart from the employees who report to you, maybe it’s time to turn your walls into full glass windows. This will allow you to still have a separate space, but can make your colleagues feel open to approaching you and brainstorming with you.

Replace the Office Chair or Desk

Like we said earlier, one of the most important elements of your office is the chair that you have to sit in for multiple hours a day. If you find yourself uncomfortable or frequently dealing with back trouble, it may be time to finally make a switch. Office chairs are now designed with back support, so there’s no reason for you to suffer without ergonomic support.

And speaking of sitting, perhaps you should invest in that standing desk you always wanted. With so many options on the market, many workers find the sitting to stand desk conversion is the best option. This specific desk will allow you to lower it to sit or raise it to stand, depending on your comfort level. It’s the best of both worlds to help relieve aches and pains as well as improve posture throughout the work day. 

Let Albarado’s Design Your New Home Office

No one is as passionate about furniture and design than the team at Albarado’s Furnishing. We would be happy to help give your space a refresh with quality furniture that you can not find elsewhere. As a staple furniture store in Lafayette and Acadiana, our associates have the experience to find your perfect home office furniture pieces. Not sure where to start? Check out and request a design consultation with us and we’ll get you started on the right track.