How to Decorate Your Home with Pets in Mind

May 31, 2024

Living with pets is a wild ride, full of love, laughter, and the occasional “oops” moment. Our furry friends bring so much joy to our lives, but they can also bring some unique challenges when it comes to keeping our homes looking sharp.

That’s why creating a pet-friendly home is so important. We want our living spaces to be a haven for both us and our four-legged family members. No one wants to spend their days stressing over scratched furniture or stained carpets.

The goal is to find a balance between style and durability, so we can relax and enjoy our pets’ company without compromising our home’s aesthetic.

How to Decorate Your Home with Pets in Mind

Choose the Right Rugs

When you have furry friends roaming around, washable rugs are your best bet. They’re easy to clean when accidents happen or muddy paws track in dirt. Plus, they come in all sorts of styles to match your home’s vibe.

Bring in Some Greenery with Pet-Friendly Plants

Plants can brighten up your home, but some can be dangerous for pets. Opt for non-toxic varieties like spider plants, African violets, or Boston ferns. They’ll add a touch of nature without putting your fur babies at risk. Click here to learn more about non-toxic plants that are safe for pets.

Minimize Glass Décor

Glass and pets don’t always mix. To avoid shattered pieces and potential injuries, keep glass décor to a minimum. If you can’t resist a few glass accents, keep them out of your pets’ reach.

Choose Durable Fabrics

The fabric you pick for your furniture can make or break your pet-friendly home. Delicate or light-colored materials won’t stand up to pets. Go for sturdy fabrics like microfiber or microsuede, especially in busy areas. They’re easy to clean and won’t show damage from claws and paws as much.

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Create a Pet Feeding Station

A built-in feeding drawer or designated pet drawer keeps your pet’s eating area neat and contained. Custom built-ins look great, but a simple feeding drawer works well too and saves money.

Your Home, Your Pets, Your Style

Creating a comfortable and stylish home that works for both you and your furry friends is totally doable. By making smart choices with pet-friendly furniture, washable rugs, safe plants, and designated pet areas, you can have a space that looks great and keeps your pets happy and healthy.

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