Tips to Maximize a Smaller Space

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June 9, 2021

In the volatile housing market of 2020-2021, more people are choosing to downsize than ever before. Existing homeowners are noticing the benefit of selling their home in a seller’s market, and purchasing smaller homes, as well as many would-be homebuyers are choosing to rent small spaces instead of splurging on a large house note.

The end result of this is needing furniture to work in small spaces in a whole new way. Local furniture shops, such as Albarado’s Fine Furnishing, provide unique and space saving furniture for all your design needs. This can help you make the most out of your space without overcrowding. Read on below for more tips to really take advantage of every square inch of your home or apartment. 

5 Tips for Maximizing Small Living Spaces

Tables that Transform

Finding a table that has multiple uses is easier to find than you think. One of the more popular transforming tables is the lift-top coffee table. Usually it is used for an additional eating space, but also some love to use as a mini desk while on the sofa. Another option is purchasing a drop leaf table.

One configuration of this table is a table large enough for two people, or you can drop one side, which allows the table to instantly become a console table that you can place flat against a wall. You could also consider choosing a dining room table that is smaller, but has a leaflet insert that you can add when you have guests over for dinner.  

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Storage Ottoman

Storage ottomans are a must for your living room! These guys allow you to have ample storage while also allowing guests a place to prop up your feet. Popular items to be stored in an ottoman include blankets, pillows, and remotes. If you have little children running about, it is an amazing tool to hurry up and hide all their toys and belongings. 

No Cabinets, No Problem

Is there anything worse than a small bathroom with nowhere to put toiletries and towels? But you’re in luck as there are countless opportunities to still create storage. You can buy shelves to install right above the toilet, or even consider an over-the-toilet unit that allows space for a toilet but has cabinets placed directly above it. Another popular option is adding wire cubes to your bathroom for quick access to your bathroom items.

Floating Desks

These trendy desks are quickly becoming a favorite on pinterest. Instead of placing a bulky desk in the corner for a workspace, floating desks are slightly wider shelving units that are placed like shelves, but can hold your computer and office gadgets. Just add a chair and it is the perfect office without taking up too much space.

Creative Bedding

Beds, while an essential and often beloved piece of furniture, can be responsible for taking up the most space in a room. If you don’t have room for an extra guest room, it may be worth the investment in purchasing a futon or sofa sleeper for your living room. Others choose to purchase a murphy bed, which is a folding down bed, if you have a smaller guest room. 

Decluttering and Downsizing is Here to Stay

The trend of small spaces is expected to continue as mortgage home prices continue on the rise. In 2011, Graham Hill gave a popular TED talk, defending the idea of downsizing, and how the less things you have, the more happiness an individual feels. Hill mentions that in the last few decades, homes have increased 30% in size, but yet so many homeowners still choose smaller spaces and are more creative in how to live in them. Albarado’s Fine Furnishing is known as a trusted local expert in all things interior design and can help you find those perfect pieces to maximize your space. You can arrange for a free consultation or meet with a sales associate in-store. We can’t wait to redesign your living spaces and help you take advantage of every square inch.