Your Guide to Choosing The Perfect Dining Room Table

December 9, 2022

When it is time to get a new dining room table, you’ll want one that feels like it fits the space well without making it seem crowded or overly sparse.

While your personal taste and style are certainly a major consideration in making this choice, there are certain rules of thumb for how to choose a dining table that fits your specific dining area perfectly.


The most suitable size for your dining table will ultimately be determined by the size of your dining area. Small, enclosed dining rooms will need smaller tables, of course, while an outdoor dining area is more conducive to larger tables.

A good rule to go by here is to give yourself at least three feet of space all around the table to allow ease of movement and to avoid feeling cramped. For a dining room that’s 12 feet by 9 feet, for example, you should choose a table that is no bigger than 6 feet by 3 feet.

Your table should be at least 3 feet wide, or 3 feet in diameter for circular tables to have enough space to place settings and dishes. If you need to have a narrower table to fit into a smaller dining room, make sure to get a buffet or sideboard as well so that there is room for the food serving dishes.

How many people will be regularly seated at your dining room table? Do you have guests over for dinner frequently, or usually only around the holidays?

If you do tend to have friends and family members come by for dinner, you may wish to consider a dining room table that is extendable by adding and removing leaves. This gives you options for getting the most out of your dining space while still being able to accommodate guests.

Canadel Modern


Round or oval tables are the best choice for smaller spaces. Square or rectangular tables look the best in square or rectangular rooms, respectively. That said, exceptions absolutely exist.

Large round tables (which would usually have a lazy Susan-type top) can look great in larger square-shaped rooms, and a square or round dining table can suit a larger, rectangular room perfectly with additional furniture to balance the space, such as a sideboard or serving area.

One benefit of square or rectangular tables is that they can be made larger in a pinch by putting a card table or other movable square or rectangular table next to it.

If you are hoping to promote communication, a rectangular table is your best bet, as square or round tables are usually wider, and may make it more difficult to hear your conversation partner across the table.

Hooker Furniture


The type of table you choose will set the theme for the overall feel of the dining area. The material should complement your house’s design. If your dining area is, for example, a traditional separate dining room with a formal and elegant design, you will most likely go with a wooden table with a hardwood or stone tabletop.

Marble is an excellent choice for adding a luxurious touch and a sense of permanence to a formal dining area.

If your home is of a more contemporary theme, you may wish to select a glass top table or, a stylish epoxy piece. For a cafe-style feel, wrought iron or aluminum tables look chic and inviting.

In general, it is hard to go wrong with a wooden table for your dining room. A solidly constructed wooden table will last for generations as an heirloom piece.

Wood is available in a vast array of finishes, textures, and styles, and it is relatively easy to care for. A bit of oil soap from time to time will keep your wooden furniture protected and looking its best. Click here for steps to care for wood furniture.

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