What to Look For in Quality Furniture

Quality Furniture

May 5, 2021

When shopping for furniture at your local furniture store to outfit your home, there are several factors you will need to consider. In the front of your mind, you should have your set budget and the style you want to match, but you should also know how to spot the best quality furniture. The higher the quality of the furniture, the longer it will last you and serve your home. While price tags and colors are easy to spot, can you spot quality furniture as easily and quickly? Here are some tips on what to look for when shopping for quality furniture:

Know Your Types of Wood

If you are looking for wood furniture, be prepared to look at multiple colors, makes, and materials. Even furniture that looks like wood may not be exactly what you are looking for. Therefore, it is vital that you know the differences between solid wood, particle board, and/or plywood.

Solid Wood– Solid wood furniture is made from whole pieces and/or panels of hard- or softwood glued together.

  • If you are looking for solid wood furniture pieces, the easiest way to distinguish them from other materials is by feeling the weight of the piece. Solid wood furniture should feel extremely heavy. 
  • The look of solid wood furniture can be seen and is usually quite obvious. The wood grain pattern can even be felt on the furniture. 
  • This type of furniture will usually be more expensive, but will last longer.

Particle Board/Plywood– Furniture made of particle board and/or plywood is made of wood chips or layers of wood veneer pressed and/or glued together. 

  • To distinguish this type of construction, the look of the furniture will look similar to wood but will feel quite smooth. 
  • Furniture made of particle board has air pockets throughout, making it much lighter than solid wood furniture. 
  • Furniture made of plywood will have multiple layers of thin wood evident.
  • This type of construction will make the furniture cheaper, and is prone to cracking or breaking.

Good Construction

When looking for furniture, you want to find furniture that will last you years to come. The key to the longevity of furniture is the construction of such.

General Construction 

  • Any furniture that you buy, whether wood or not, should never wobble when standing in its proper position.


  • Make sure that the furniture joints show no visible glue, nails, or staples.
  • The furniture pieces should use dovetail joints. These joints, in a similar way to a puzzle, fit within each other to provide strength to the structure. 


  • The drawers on any furniture should glide smoothly without stoppage or falling out. 
  • The drawer should fit inside groves or tracks inside the construction of the piece that has stops to allow the drawer to sit open. 


  • If the furniture you are looking for has cushions, look inside of the cushions to make sure the inner makings are sound. 
  • The inside of the cushion should be foam wrapped in another material.
  • If the inside of the cushions are foam-only, the cushion will be less durable, but likely cheaper. 
  • When sitting or pressing on the cushion, you should feel even support throughout the entire cushion. 
  • If the cushion can be flipped and used on both sides, you will get twice the use of those cushions.

Buying Online

Buying things online has become easier than ever. However, if you are looking for furniture online, be sure to look at the following: 

  • Buy from a store that has the style of furniture that you desire. 
  • Read the online reviews from previous customers, both the good and the bad.
  • Make sure that you are aware and knowledgeable of the return policy given by the company from which you purchase the furniture. 

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Buying furniture can be a tough task, but if you follow these tips, you can rest assured knowing that you have the knowledge to purchase a quality piece (or pieces) of furniture that are perfect for your home. If you are looking for a local furniture store with the highest quality furniture with several styles available and knowledgeable, personable staff ready to help you find the furniture of your dreams, look no further than Albarado’s Fine Furnishings!