Common Sofa Arranging Mistakes and How to Fix Them

February 28, 2024

If you’ve recently purchased a new sofa, you know the struggle is real when it comes to figuring out the right placement in your living room.

There’s a science to how to arrange a sofa in a living room properly. Mess it up, and you’ll be second-guessing every time you walk through the space. But get that placement just right? Be prepared for compliments from all who enter.

In this post, we’ll cover the four most common sofa arranging mistakes and simple solutions to fix them.

Mistake #1: Pushing the Sofa Against the Wall

We often instinctively want to push sofas flush against the walls. However, this cuts off openness and traffic flow in a room. It also limits options for sofa seating direction and orientation. Instead, pull it slightly off the walls.

For a spacious feel, try floating your sofa in the middle of the living room if space allows. You can then use console tables behind it. Floating (with ample walking room around) helps delineate sitting spaces without closing things off.

Mistake #2: Placing Too Far Away from the Coffee Table

Another issue that can plague a living room layout happens when the coffee table distance from the sofa feels slightly off. If there is too much distance, you’ll find yourself overreaching to set down drinks or struggling to comfortably engage in conversation.

As a rule of thumb, allow about 14-18 inches of clearance between the edge of your sofa and coffee table. This allows enough space for easy leg clearance when getting up without overextending.

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Mistake #3: Positioning Your Sofa with a Bad Focal Point

Carefully consider what will be the focal point when gazing forward from the vantage of your sofa. All too often, these focal points end up being less desirable parts of the home rather than intentional views.

Face your sofa towards an attractive fireplace, modern media center, large windows, or piece of artwork. Never arrange seating directly facing things like litter boxes, the home office desk, or views of neighbor’s properties through windows.

Mistake #4: Forgetting Those Measurements

It’s deflating to excitedly bring home a gorgeous new sofa only to realize it overwhelms the living room. Before even considering layouts, precisely measure available floor space wall-to-wall. Compare with sofa dimensions to realistically visualize scale and fit.

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If you’re looking to upgrade the furniture in your Lafayette home, proper sofa placement is key to establishing flow, focal points, and functionality within your living room.

Avoid common mistakes like pushing the new sofa flush against the walls or placing it too far from the coffee table. Instead, consider floating arrangements and allow ample walking room around a new furniture piece. Carefully measuring available floor space before purchasing is crucial as well to ensure the new piece fits and functions as part of a cohesive layout.

Finding that perfect arrangement may take some trial and error. Let our team help you! Visit our Lafayette home furniture showroom today to explore stylish, thoughtfully designed sofas and living room furniture to refresh your space. Our knowledgeable design experts can offer personalized tips on sofa placements for your existing layout.

With the right living room furniture from Albarado’s Fine Furnishings, you can create a warm, welcoming environment for connection and conversation that gets rave reviews from all who enter your home. Stop by our Lafayette home furniture store today to start upgrading your living room!

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